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Ireland's Trusted
Online Doctor Service

  • Irish - Registered Doctors
  • 7 days a week doctor consultations
  • After hours and weekend consultations
  • Services from 20 Euros. The lowest fee in Ireland

Seeing a doctor is as easy as

Register & pick a time of your choice for your video or telephone consultation
Answer questionnaire
Answer a few questions
Talk to a doctor
Speak to an Irish Medical Council registered Doctor

All for the lowest fee in Ireland

How it works

As soon as you complete your booking, you will receive a link to access your secure online video consultation. If you choose a telephone consultation, you will receive a phone call from our doctors at your chosen time.

What's Included

GP consultation
A complete GP consultation
Our trained and highly rated medical doctors will take your history, complete an assessment and provide you with their clinical findings. All at your choice of video or phone consultation.
Digital Treatment
Digital Treatment
If you require a treatment, this will be sent directly via secure platform to the pharmacy of your choice.
Medical Certificate
Medical Certificate
If a medical certificate, sick leave / note is required, this will be sent to you securely through our platform.
If further tests and specialist referral is required, our staff will provide you with referral letters for appropriate testing, imaging and specialist review. If an urgent assessment is required, our doctors can provide you with an A&E referral.

Why Eirdoc?

Our doctors are registered with the Irish Medical Council and provide the highest standards of care.
Our team of doctors and staff work hard to provide you with timely and efficient care.
We ensure to offer you the earliest available appointment as we understand your health is important to us.
Caring and confidential
Our doctors and admin staff are passionate about healthcare. We will listen to you carefully while maintaining doctor and patient confidentiality through our secure platform.
Eirdoc was founded by a team of Irish based medical doctors who are passionate about patient care and aim to reduce patient waiting time.
At Eirdoc, we recognize diversity as patients come with different age, gender and backgrounds.

Eirdoc vs In-practice Doctors

Appointment within minutes
From the comfort of your home
Lowest fee in Ireland

Eirdoc vs Other online services

Eirdoc Other online services
Treatments from 20 Euros Treatments from 25 to 45 Euros
GP Consultations from 39 Euros GP Consultations averaging at 45 Euros
Google Review rating as high as 4.9 Less than EIRDOC