Period delay pill

Periods are a natural and healthy part of life, but we've all had those moments when we wish they wouldn't come. There are several options for delaying your period for a holiday or special event, including using a norethisterone-based drug. Norethisterone is a synthetic progestogen that mimics the progesterone hormone that we generate naturally. The level of progesterone hormone drops throughout a menstrual cycle, causing your uterine lining to shed and your period to occur.

Most women can safely take norethisterone on an occasional basis, but it is not suggested to use it to postpone your period on a regular basis. Women who have had liver tumours, breast cancer, a history of jaundice during pregnancy, or significant vascular disease should not use it. Low mood, acne, breast soreness, fluid retention, and libido loss are all possible adverse effects for women.

If you are pregnant or believe you might be, if you are nursing, if you have abnormal vaginal bleeding that hasn't been evaluated by a doctor, or if you have a known, suspected, or previous history of genital or breast cancer, you should avoid taking the medicine (unless you have been prescribed norethisterone to treat breast cancer).

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