Migraine treatment service

Migraine is often characterised by a moderate to severe one-sided throbbing headache that occurs episodically (for hours or even days) and is completely reversible between episodes. Migraines occur at varying frequencies in different individuals. Years may pass between migraine episodes. Migraines may be debilitating and impair your ability to carry out regular tasks.

Migraine is the third most prevalent ailment worldwide (after tooth decay and tension-type headache), with a global prevalence of 14.7 percent (around 1 in 7 people). It affects around one in every five women and approximately one in every fifteen males. Migraines often begin in early adulthood or adolescence and reach their peak in the late thirties. Migraines are headache assaults that often make you feel ill or cause you to get ill. Painkillers, anti-inflammatory medications, anti-sickness medications, and triptan medications are all available as medical therapy alternatives. If migraine episodes are frequent, a medication to prevent them is a possibility (8-10 headache days per month).

There are three primary forms of migraine, which include the following:

  • Migraine with aura - when particular warning signals appear immediately before the migraine starts; these might include visual problems such as flashing lights or blind areas, as well as other symptoms such as trouble speaking or tingling in the arms, legs, or face.
  • Migraine without aura - this is the most frequent kind of migraine, in which the headache occurs without any warning signals.
  • Migraine aura without headache, sometimes referred to as "silent migraine" — occurs when an aura or other migraine symptoms are present but no headache develops.

Although the exact causes of migraine are unknown, genetics, environmental factors, and abnormalities in brain chemicals such as serotonin are all likely to have a role. Migraine is not a hereditary disorder. However, it often affects many members of the same family. As a result, if you have one or more migraine-prone family relatives, you are more likely to have migraine.

There are many probable migraine triggers, including the following:

  • Stress - 80 percent of migraines are caused by stress at work or at home.
  • Hormonal fluctuations in women — oestrogen levels fluctuate before to or during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Hormonal drugs, such as combination hormonal contraceptives (pill, patch, or ring), or hormone replacement therapy, might also exacerbate migraines in many women.
  • Physical elements – strenuous physical activity, such as sexual activity.
  • Sensory stimuli - sensory stimuli may include intense lights and glare from the sun, as well as loud sounds and pungent odours.
  • Drinks – includes alcoholic beverages (particularly wine) and caffeinated beverages.
  • Changes in sleep patterns — sleep deprivation, excessive sleep, or jet lag.
  • Medications — as discussed before, the combined oral contraceptive pill, as well as vasodilators such as nitroglycerin, might exacerbate migraines.
  • Foods and food additives such as salty processed foods, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and the sweetener aspartame, as well as missing meals or fasting, may all induce migraines.

Without medicine, there are some things you may do to help avoid migraines:

  • If you feel that a certain trigger is causing your migraines, avoiding that trigger may help lower your likelihood of getting them.
  • It may also be beneficial to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise, meals, and sleep, as well as enough hydration and a moderate consumption of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Acupuncture may also be useful in avoiding migraines, according to some studies (10 sessions over 5-8 weeks).

For Whom Is This Service Intended?

  • This service is appropriate for you only if you meet the following criteria:
  • You have previously been diagnosed with migraines by a physician or expert.
  • You are above the age of 17.
  • You are not seeking medicine for another adult or a kid under your care. A kid is defined as someone under the age of seventeen years.
  • You are not pregnant, intend to conceive, or are nursing.

This service is not appropriate for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have never before been diagnosed with migraines by a physician.
  • You are under the age of 17 or you want to utilise our service to get medicine on behalf of another adult who is not you.
  • You are pregnant, trying to conceive, or are nursing.
  • You had your first migraine during the previous year.
  • Your migraine problems started when you became 50 years old.
  • You have been diagnosed with certain blood vessel disorders.
  • You've been told you have liver or renal problems.
  • You're seeking for a prescription for preventive therapy (such as topiramate, gabapentin, or ergotamine) or opiates.
  • You are allergic to any of the components mentioned above.
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This service allows you to request a treatment from our doctors. You will be asked a series of questions related to the treatment, after which you will be asked to pay a fee of €20. To proceed, select the required dosage and click on "Start Consultation".

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We kindly ask you to be honest when you provide your answers. Contact your GP if you are unsure or need to verify any information.

If our doctors deem that we cannot prescribe the medication safely via online consultation, than you will receive a full refund and the assessing doctor will give your further advise.

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Informed Consent

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  • I am aware of the treatment's adverse effects, efficacy, and alternatives; and I am aware of the necessity of informing my GP about any drugs or advice I may obtain from this service so that they can continue to offer safe medical care.
  • I have answered honestly and supplied complete and correct information that matches my current medical history and information, allowing the doctor to assess and advise me securely.
  • I understand and am aware of the treatment's adverse effects, efficacy, and alternatives.
  • I understand that my GP needs to know about the any drug or advise obtained via this online platform to continue safe medical care.
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Prescription Delivery
You will be contacted to arrange the home delivery. Orders usually take 1-2 working days to be delivered anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.
Delivery charges are as follows (to be paid when you are contacted to arrange the delivery):
Orders over €40: €2.95
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